PlugiT – EV Charging Technology
development since 2012

We started pioneering and designing new services for the growing eMobility industry in 2012. Now we have grown from the innovative, fresh garage start-up to a trusted eMobility turn-key solution designer and provider.

Our success lies on:

  • Hundreds of business critical projects
  • Developing of own Cloud Services and Software Platform
  • Automating charging electronics and controllers
  • Managing and integrating Big Data

We offer you:

  • Research & Development collaboration
  • Smart EV Charging Platform and Cloud Services for eMobility Ecosystem Builders
  • OEM Technology and Professional services for creating eMobility Solutions
  • HUBE, Multi-Purpose charging system for Heavy-Duty Fleets
  • Mixed-fleet Opticoncept for transportation professionals
  • Business Intelligence services

PlugiT Cloud Services; Industry
proven eV software platform

Plugitech platform enables smart charging for over 2 500 IoT devices around the world and rising. With smart charging, our operators are able to bill their customers, manage public & private charging permissions, remotely control and analyze their charging network.
With our ready-to-use tools, you can get your charging network up and running in no time. Your chargers can be accessed instantly through our application or platform, including all relevant data and permissions required for smooth start.

If you want to connect your business to EV charging we have ready to use APIs for charger management and data exchange between systems.

Charge Point Operators (CPO) have unlimited access to build-in monitoring tools. In case your business has more advanced requirements, we have the capability to create a more tailored Business Intelligence solution for your needs.

Do you have an idea of how we could help in building your EV business? Contact us by email ( or contact form.

The Plugit Ecosystem

We have helped companies identifying new opportunities in their own businesses and how they can get involved among those who benefit from rapid electrification. As electrification will happen anyway, it is crucial not to spend time in developing something that already exists.

To help you grab the market opportunities and market share fast, we have created modular Plugit eMobility Ecosystem with Cloud Services. We are now making this available to everyone in a fresh way. Save time and money – call to our eDesigners.

Seeking partners. Plugit is currently looking for integrator partners globally. Read more about Plugit Ecosystem Partner Network.

Reliability, successful business
transactions – every day

Reliability is the king!

The strong business partnership is built on total reliability, quality and operational performance of the entire system. Also, the system is easy to operate. We never compromise these. This is why our customers trust us.

Data is human. We design the user interfaces to match customers’ business processes. And ensure the best possible user experience.

the future of your business is in eMobility!

Let´s start discovering your  opportunities on it.

Do you have business case for eMobility? Or would you like to create the eMobility business ecosystem of your own and be able to offer Cloud Services to your customers? Or just to fly ideas?

If yes, please talk to one of our eDesigners and let’s create your story on eMobility.

Ask for a demo.

Welcome to PlugItech

Let’s start discussing about your use case, business requirements or targets… your future in eMobility. We know how to avoid the early mistakes on designing winning solutions and services. We have hundreds of active customers growing in their eMobility businesses.

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