Seven steps to Your e-Mobility Business


Engage end users
To quickly get started you have possibility to engage end users with Plugit application. We are also experienced to make custom application for your needs. We can also help you to bring charging network to your application or user interface with our ready-to-use API’s.

Kick-start your business in field of EV charging
You have your own customers, employees and user groups that we cannot know beforehand. We have built tools for you to group and adjust access on charging network. Customising your pricing on different types of chargers has never been this easy. For getting your charging network globally available there’s multiple roaming solutions available and we can assist you to setup and manage them.

Monitor & Analyse you charging network
Nowadays everybody talks about data and business intelligence. We monitor and collect data from your charging network around the clock. We can integrate data flows to your own business intelligence tools or we can provide you the expert analysis from the data, whatever best suits your needs.


Choose your demographic
Who needs to charge their car? You, your customers, employees or maybe board of directors?

Scale of the business
Is your network open for all or visible only for restricted user groups? Are you creating charging network for your company, city, country or are you going global?

Ready-to-use, tailored or both?
We can ship software in many forms. Do you want to hop in and try what is it like with our ready-to-use charging solution or do you need tailoring for your business? Or maybe you want both?


Choose your tools:

    • End user application
    • Payment solution
    • Monitoring & analysis system
    • Remote maintenance
    • Customer Support toolkit
    • Roaming network
    • Business intelligence
    • Integration API

Did not find the right software tool from list above?
Don’t worry, just contact us. We’ll help you create it.


EV Charging is rapidly developing field of business. You may have needs that we have not covered yet, but our experts are ready to co-create solutions with you. Even in the most complex cases. We have created key solutions to some top 100 Finnish companies and know the necessary steps in transforming business ideas into reality.

  • Mapping needs and resources
  • Recognizing key features and functionalities of your EV business
  • Choosing fitting products to fulfill your needs and design custom software when necessary
  • Developing and launching your new EV solution
  • Integrating EV charging to pre-existing business ecosystems
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and growth with key performance indicators (monitored and measured)


Monitoring is important part of any IoT device network. To achieve superior customer experience you must to be able to measure the performance of the entire system, then you know where the problems are and how to fix them. As we do at Plugit.

We have developed monitoring solutions for a long time. First to our own use, then to our customers. With Plugit Cloud Services you are able to monitor & remotely manage the whole system by yourself or you can let us take care of that. In both cases you have transparency and total visibility to your entire charging  network. Moreover, you will have tools to send maintenance commands to your chargers or run firmware updates remotely.


You have now your own intelligent charging network which is operating itself like magic. To deepen your knowledge about your charging business, you need data. We have the Business Intelligence suite (build on Microsoft’s Power BI) that you can switch-on with very little effort. Then you are able to monitor your key performance indicators and follow the progress of entire charging network.

If you already have your own business intelligence platform, we are more than happy to provide you the data.


Congratulations! You are now part of Smart Charging Ecosystem. You have keys to new business area with huge amount of opportunities coming your way.

Which way are you going to steer your business?

The Eighth step is actually the very
first one. Call us.

Welcome to Plugitech family

No matter what step of electric mobility your business is in, make a decisive and safe leap into new business with us.

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