Project Description

Three clicks

The virtual buyer – trained by experience of leading e-commerce platforms – expects to be able to access personally relevant information without delay or contacting a call center. How many clicks and how much time does it take customers to get the info they need? Can a separate customer portal streamline information access? Anything more than three clicks is waste of time.

Customer on-boarding

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a software platform, only to need armies of consultants to get it up and running over 18 months. How fast you can set-up the new software platform and turn on the new digital services, invite your customer and put your platform into productive use to solve a burning challenge? As budgets continue to shift from CAPEX to OPEX models, also time-to-value must be achieved faster.

Promoting Usage Frequency

Customer success goes beyond easy install and low error rates. Companies that gain market share typically do so by increasing a) the number of service/product users, and b) service/product usage rates. Measuring, setting targets, managing user volume and usage frequency provides a direct window into product value and flaws. Reliability is the king.

Problem Resolution

We all know that customer problem resolution is crucial to CX. But too often the focus is just on solving each individual problem vs. measuring and monitoring all of your customer’s problems in order to gain insight and take action on product and process improvements. Creating specific metrics and tracking resolution cycle times, failure rates, and codifying “moments of truth” is essential in a time where customers will undoubtedly re-evaluate their vendor set.

Retention & Cross-sell

The ultimate measure of CX is whether the customer buys the product again and gives you permission to sell other products.  From a measurement perspective, renewal “signals” and cross-sell opportunities can actually be flagged months ahead of actual customer purchase cycles. Rather than just tracking retention and cross-sell rates, companies need to use CX metrics to actually predict, prepare, and act on defection risks and share-of-wallet expansion opportunities.

Plugit Cloud Services and Business Intelligence suite are designed for instant on-boarding, managing multi-tier business environments and measuring CX. Invite your business partners for cross-selling opportunities and press the start button.