Project Description

Goal Connect chose Plugitech for service platform

Plugit Oy piloted system as a SaaS model (Software as a Service) for managing EV charging network. This stands for smart charging service’s backend system with which Goal Connect can position themselves at the center of device manufacturers, end users, and business customers.

The aim for the project was to help Goal Connect to launch their own business in Japan as a producer of smart charging services. This required setting up a backend system into their own environment. Simultaneously Goal Connect was helped via consulting the functions of the charging devices and systems as well as the differences in their qualities. Hereby they get to start their own business as fluently and rapidly as possible.

Where did we start?

How to build competitive advantage for a new business in growing industry?

Goal Connect was willing to join in developing electrified traffic. The goal was to act as a pioneer in production of smart charging services. Smart charging and
widely customizable backend enable consistent customer experience and flexible business cases. Goal Connect chose the Finnish company Plugit as their partner to develop their business, because Plugit already has experience in custom-made background systems. And in addition, they also know the charging business well from both the device and service perspective. And so, they didn’t have to have an devastating amount of time to get familiar they self with everything to consider in the platform.

As electric vehicles become more common, the need for better charging solutions rises. Goal Connect saw the opportunity to participate and affect the forming of EV ecosystem and decided to act.

What we did?

Plugit brings together the software and EV charging

With the software developed by Plugit, Goal Connect makes their services more comprehensive from efficient charging solutions to the administrative aspect. The benefit directly visible; Goal Connect got their own platform to manage and develop their own business, creating the ability to function as a leading operator in Japan.

At first Goal Connect got to know Plugit’s own software and how Plugit runs their business in Finland. Next Plugit taught Goal Connect to use the backend system as a sub-operator. This way we could start planning and implementing the software to fit
Goal Connect’s business cases. Sharing knowledge and uniting differing opinions resulted

in mutual understanding of their needs. The pilot culminated to the setting up of Goal Connect’s own backend system.

” We wanted to profoundly understand Goal Connect’s business case, so we can produce a system which fits their needs and ensures they can reach the results they are looking
for.” – Teemu Arponen

What have we accomplished?

Goal Connect’s charging business was made possible by the backend system provided by Plugit

Goal Connect’s system is now set up and all the features and functionalities, such as charging reports, management of the end user and charging locations, have been opened. For the pilot to succeed it was important to unite expertise and ensure tight co-operation
The pilot was the launch of their own charging business for Goal Connect. Now they could take over the entire system and start planning the future and follow-up development of the business.


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