Project Description

eMobility provides a great opportunity to redesign

Time to rethink

For many companies, well over 70% of revenues are generated through 3rd party partner channels. eMobility provides an opportunity to create new, direct channels to reach consumers or business customers in an innovative way. To drive the change on eMobility, companies must not only to design the new products and services, rethink their traditional partner channel enablement, but also consider new type of customer demand and behaviour. Add to that an entirely new set of online partner channels beginning with Amazon (consumer and B2B), comparable digital marketplaces and distributor sales plays ever more critical role on future channel development. So, can the eMobility be the game changer for traditional channel strategies? Yes, but better be fast, because new digital native entrants (both service providers and customers) are challenging the existing business landscapes and structures with the speed of light. eMobility is the next big BUZZ.

Online Engagement

The “virtual buyer” is looking for far more than just a static website or an online catalog for order entry. We have used the term “platform-as-a-channel” to describe a broader set of capabilities where a digital platform offers content, “what-if” tools, 3rd party data feeds, etc. Increasingly, companies need to make their website or e-commerce engines include applications that help buyers make better purchase decisions. Especially on eMobility, the content and service are consumed instantly. Electrification is touching majority of the industries. New vital micro-services (micro-moments) such as charging permissions, micro-payments, exact energy consumption measurement, service plan top-ups etc. are the new normal. The importance of data is at different level than any traditional requirements.

Customer Experience (CX)

Digital CX transformation is critical. For most companies, greater than 80% of annual revenues is retention from existing customers. Investment in back-office transformation for internal efficiency must increasingly be weighed against CX investments across the customer lifecycle. “Virtual buyers” increasingly expect frictionless online experiences to access product info, place orders, install products, train staff, drive usage, and resolve issues, and at the same time, they are expecting frictionless human interventions if/when necessary. These statements are true both pre- and post-purchase.

Cloud Services

Plugit Cloud Services is a fast-track access to new tomorrow of eMobility business. It provides an industry proven, solid software platform enabling you to design your new digital services to reach this multi-billion market.